Tender and Supplier Management

In the scope of the development of a technology strategy as well as the introduction of a life-cycle management for technologies and production methods the questions repeatedly arise: which qualitative and financial criteria need to happen in the procurement and use of technology or production methods throughout their entire lifecycle and what the optimum process design is for this.

In order to be able to answer these questions it is necessary to define a procurement strategy which is derived from a super-ordinate company strategy. The procurement strategy decides, for example, about single or multi sourcing, that is whether a certain object should only be related to one or different suppliers and determines in particular the performance and depth of value creation of the suppliers in relation to your own company as well as to each other in complex projects. Accordingly, the resulting obligations to involvement and interfaces to and between suppliers for the layout of the contracts are clearly defined. In the scope of a strategical award preparation, requirement bundling effects, innovative contract layout or standardisation of specifications are investigated to perfectly take these into consideration. The recognitions flow into the contract layout as well as the layout of the requirement specifications.

Decisive here is the respective close cooperation with our customers to ensure the appropriate order competency as well as specialist technology from the purchasing-financial perspective. Here, we support the introduction of efficient structures in purchasing with the introduction of tools in supplier management, purchasing integrating specialist development processes, value-analysis product investigations as well as goods related purchasing organisation. After the award process, quattron group accompanies you, in the scope of supplier management, in the consistent implementation of the contracts including their obligations to cooperate and interfaces.

A significant part of a sustainable award and supplier management is continued and systematic knowledge management in which contractual, technical and process experience with suppliers as well as recognitions of the lifecycle assumptions of the related products and services are recorded and made available for future awards.
The quattron group offers the required conceptual and operative support across all phases for efficient award and supplier management:

  • Developing the procurement strategy inc. Determining the service and value creation depth
  • Definition of the supplier interfaces and derivation of the requirements (cf. Requirements management)
  • Conception of the required order competency (process, organization, resources and qualification)
  • Identification of potential suppliers and service providers
  • Supplier selection / evaluation according to LCC criteria Supplier management
  • Knowledge management