Site Acquisition and Site Facility Management

Network infrastructure projects, whether in the environment of classic telecommunications, energy operators, authorities or broadcasters are subject to constantly changing technology additions to the network, whether new planning, rescheduling or planning dismantling which are not only to be technologically modified but also are often affected by contractual and legal construction requirements.

The quattron group has the engineering services such as broadcasting, directional radio and fixed network planning as well as all the services affecting the location acquisition covered for customer projects.

In coordination with all those associated with the project, including in particular customers, owners, suppliers and authorities are provided with technical and contractual solutions so that they can realistically plan, actively manage and implement the ambitious network expansion plans of operators.
The quattron group evaluates the following aspects in the scope of collecting requirements:

  • Network design taking into consideration the interaction of technical requirements and how realisable marked out roots or locations are in a contractual or legal construction respect.
  • Technology taking into consideration existing framework conditions and the determination of new requirements as well as customer strategies.
  • Efficiency taking into account and selecting different locations or marked root scenarios as well as any eligibility guidelines.
  • Migration, weighing up the operational and technological requirements

The quattron group develops, optimizes and establishes the maintenance processes on the basis of legal or customer-specific requirements to achieve future-orientated location and facility management to safeguard all the operational requirements of the network structure. This includes in particular taking into consideration new technologies and concepts for the intelligent supply of locations and marked roots which are transferred to the networked connection of locations and districts via a Smart Grid.

A customer-specific module adaptable site management tool is used for the documentation and professional management of the acquisition, construction and site and facility management services; this depicts and manages the entire life-cycle of an infrastructure site and documents the process with legal assurance.

The networking of different grid-bound infrastructures into quarters is increasingly becoming a location factor for investors, operators and resident companies. Before planning construction measures, the realisation of quarters down to operation management for infrastructure service providers enables integrated infrastructure solutions, efficiency advantages and synergies.

Thus, the construction of smart grids into quarters contributes to the reduction of energy consumption and therefore energy costs at the location. Cross-quarter management of energy demand and response, flexible load management, the incorporation of energy saving and decentralised renewable energy systems as well as the use of intelligent energy management systems are to be planned and realised across parties in this context.

We develope cross-infrastructure operating concepts for networked quarter solutions (electricity, heating, broadband, facility management etc.) with an eye on their future capacity and innovative power for the resident company. SNPC supports project and operating companies in guaranteeing the efficiency and affordability of quarter solutions and moderates and manages the interests of all users and owners on site:

  • Innovative operating model – The development of perfectly tailored models for the operation of innovative infrastructures
  • Efficiency – Ensuring efficiency and thereby generating location advantages
  • Ensuring the marketing success – The creation of highly attractive research, technology and trade parks for resident companies and investors, implementation of market surveys