Regulation Management

Within an infrastructure project there are extensive and numerous requirements from various sources (such as plan approvals, release for construction, acceptance etc.) which are regularly on the daily agenda. There are also requirements from legal regulations as well as for publicly promoted projects from eligibility conditions which must be fulfilled and demonstrated. The already tense project situation is often burdened by additionally required activities with the given deadlines which all need to be processed in coordination and on time. Therefore, for project success and adherence to planned milestones it is necessary to analyse the regulatory requirements or eligibility conditions and efficiently manage the resulting requirements. The quattron group offers customer-specific solutions here, also with the use of standard software (for example, Microsoft SharePoint) with which we control your requirements management, pursue activities and deadlines, create the necessary reports for the status of requirement fulfilment and create automated official documents. We ensure that there is maximum transparency regarding the status of requirements and that they processed on time.

We take requirements from all the relevant sources into consideration (for example, from different authorities, laws, eligibility guidelines, experts or clients) in a holistic manner in order to do justice to their dependency upon one another.

The complete process of requirements management is documented by us for you according to deadlines meaning all process are fully traceable according to your requirements – even after project completion.

The excellent access to political decision-makers and associations enables us to also bring in new and sensible approaches for regulatory or eligibility conditions in political discussions and to communicate with the relevant decision-makers.