Integrated Project Management

Infrastructure projects are often long-running investment projects with a pioneering nature and are often at the centre of public interest and political influence. They are subject to cumbersome financing mechanisms and approval processes and require cooperation with many authorities and participants. From many years of practical experience we know the inner functioning of such complex, large projects precisely, where it really comes down to their planning and realization.

The quattron group’s integrated project management combines the classic services of project management designed for a large infrastructure project such as deadlines and cost management, specialist engineering management, supplier management, risk management down to additional management with project related management consultancy services such as process and organization development, strategic financial planning and communication with all internal and external stakeholders who put a large project leader in a position to do justice to his top management tasks parallel to the daily project business. Integrated project management is rounded off, if necessary, with appropriate IT solutions and tools which can be adapted to actual project requirements.

A certain product and at the same time a possible increase in integrated project management is, in this context, the project review of the quattron group, in which a team of project managers, engineers and method-heavy management consultants with experience in the field illuminate problematic projects in a short time, analyse key problems and make initial suggestions which form the basis to introduce a turnaround process.

A special form of management of large projects is roll out management for example, of mobile networks where, often, many hundreds of individual projects must be coordinated and managed in an overall project. The quattron group creates an overall project on the basis of all regional, technical and process framework conditions. The overall project is designed in such a way that these different aggregation stages, for example, regional or operational contexts are depicted in order to enable active management. The quattron group uses a database tool for active management which depicts all statuses and therefore all the connected evaluations which can also be taken over in clients-specific reporting. We have already successfully managed multiple large and long-running roll out projects using this methodology.