Document Management of Planning Process and Documentation

During large projects in the area of infrastructure, Document Management of Planning Process plays an important role in the reduction of constructional and technical additions with deviating plan statuses. The quattron group takes on over-reaching management and organization of Document Management of Planning Process, whereby our project managers and engineers carry out the plan course services across factories with specially developed, dedicated IT tools. Moreover we also manage the plan test services and process all the required processes in connection with the VV BAU-STE, the TEIV and the standard planning phases according to HOAI. Overall, we holistically plan, manage and monitor the plan procurement, test and delivery services.

Our tasks also include contracts for others involved, as well as testing instances and other project participants. The IT tools used here, for example on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint, seamlessly document the plan entries, the connected test data and other applicable documents as well as the delivery of plan packets. Delivery is carried out according to the distributor list attached to the plan schematic.

The agreed plan deadlines are managed in a task list which can be created directly in the IT tool (for example, SharePoint or via the completely integrated Microsoft Project).

We manage central tasks and processes and enable over-arching reporting for our customers. This means pre-configured dashboards can, at any time, present the fulfilment level of the individual plan courses as well as deviations from the planned deadlines, up to date. In the event of plan backlogs you can send reminders and service warnings using the IT tool automatically.

We also take care of the regulation of agreements with third parties such as communal or state construction authorities, Federal supervisory authorities, among others.

This means our clients have complete transparency regarding the status of plans and they can be sure that the planned deliveries are carried out on time. They therefore benefit from an integrated, methodical and IT supported quality assurance in the plan course .

In addition to Document Management of Planning Process during the project run, complete documentation at the end of the project as well as its continued updating is necessary in the regular operation of infrastructures. Experience gained from many large projects shows that this task is often only addressed at the end of the project and therefore much too late. The results are costly re-supplies or recreation of necessary documents.

We therefore define the necessary documents and their required quality already in the initial phase of the project and we ensure with suppliers that these result early and not just at the end of the project. The management of the documents is via individual or Microsoft SharePoint based databases, depending on the customer’s requirements which ensure that only one editor can work respectively on a document so that even in regular operation the documents are always up to date and there are no parallel versions.