Building Information Modeling

Technical, organizational, operational, planning and security dimensions must be integrated across the entire lifecycle of an infrastructure project, from conception creation to commissioning and operation.

With its expertise in the area of train systems, the quattron group guarantees practical consultancy and targeted support for your project. All considerations take place in the field of tension between operation, technology and organization. We offer experience with the following technologies and systems: train control systems (in particular ETCS and CBTC), signal boxes and signal technology, level crossing safety systems as well as control systems (TMS) and warning systems (SCWS/AWS). Our consultancy portfolio is complemented by innovative and tool-supported data management of infrastructure data.

The quattron group provides support in the area of system engineering in system conception, stakeholder analyses and requirements creation from technical, functional and operational perspectives. To this end, we undertake the creation of guidelines parallel to and as a basis for the planning process. We accompany you in the tendering process, among other things through the creation of service descriptions, concepts for the realisation phase, LCC evaluations or the development of evaluation criteria for selecting a bidder.

The quattron group accompanies you on the way to commissioning in the specification, implementation and evaluation of system tests and the systematic, tool-supported error tracking.  After commissioning we provide support with long-term monitoring in the dimensions of operation, technology and organisation. In the scope of the system integration we take on the organisation and implementation of poles and processes (for example, CR management and incorporate expert knowledge in finding the technical solution or evaluation.

The services of the quattron group in the area of service management include risk and hazard analyses, CSM analyses according to ordinance 402/2013 as well as the creation of safety plans and safety verifications. As part of the approval support we develop a test plan, verification reports or effect analyses according to VV NTZ. In addition to analyses, we also offer process consultancy in order to ensure the practical application of standards, ordinances and guidelines, in particular in the approval process.

The digitalization of the process and the associated infrastructure data require a combined understanding of train-specific planning and realization processes as well as IT methods for modelling and development. The quattron group brings this competence into your project and advises you in the development and establishment of digital processes as well as the required interfaces (for example, railML) and methods for efficient data recording and appropriate data management (for example, BIM).