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quattron management consulting, together with the companies q4pm project management, vinarIT, tectum-q and SNPC, as well as NEXTRAIL and quattron group africa, form the quattron group, with 50 employees and a network of 50 other experts at the company and project sites. quattron group has its Headquater in Bamberg and more locations in Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Nuremburg, Vilnius, Hong Kong, and Pretoria.

Companies of quattron group


  • quattron management consulting GmbH as a company which, as an independent consultancy with a focus on strategic infrastructure management, is responsible for transport, logistics, and information, communication and control networks across Europe.
  • q4pm project management GmbH as a company specializing in the project management of complex large-scale projects, especially in railway infrastructure companies.
  • vinarIT GmbH as a company that offers IT project management and IT consulting services for the national and international railway industry.
  • tectum-q GmbH as a company which provides comprehensive know-how in the fields of telecommunications project management and engineering, site, area and contract management for the telecommunications and energy sector.
  • SNPC GmbH  as a company providing strategic, organizational and transactional advice and strategic communication services for public and private clients, particularly in the segments of health care, energy supply / services, real estate and politics.
  • NEXTRAIL GmbH as a company that offers planning services and technical analyzes to ensure the quality and safety of the technical installations for the national and international railway industry.

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